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what seems to be bothering you?

whats your drama
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Ok this is like the closest thing to a phychiactric community I could think of, Its really simple

Your depressed, someone who loves you hurt you, You failing for the year, or you just have low self esteem, you found the right place!

Here what you do is post whats bothering you, with other people probrolly with the same problem, or been through it, in this community, they read your drama, and basiclly a few encouraging words, or a few hints or tips to be happy and move on.

This is like a big family, were all here to help each other out, so no one does anything stupid, It always helps to talk about problems and I'd rather talk with friends then someone who drains my money by the hour

~well here are the rules~
1. Do not try to make things worse for a person, only help!
2. Any problem Big or small can be posted
3. thats all

your host with the most